Six-month old Odie was recently rescued from the streets of Armenia with his mother and brother. Odie has no rear paws and it’s unknown if it’s due to a birth defect or an act of cruelty. Either way, Odie had a zero chance at being adopted in Armenia. Pawsitive shared his photo and story on their Facebook page in the hopes that someone would want to bring Odie out of his shelter life and into a loving home. As luck would have it, a former adopter knew Odie belonged in their family. Odie arrived in the states at the end of July, 2017. He has seen an orthopedic specialist and is going to have a prosthesis made for the shorter of his rear legs. Happy Odie now knows what it’s like to act like a puppy – no more wondering where his next meal is going to come from, no more fear of being abused or killed on the streets. Like all Armenian dogs, he has a heart of gold and is super smart. And the best news is that his mom, Penelope, and brother, Pepe, are also in the states with a California rescue.